Secondary School Case Studies

There are currently 26 case studies available in the subscription area of the Secondary website including the family history research data base Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI). Here we give you a taste of each case study by providing…

  • the first 40 seconds of each of the case study video
  • a case study overview and student activity outline
  • a number of resource screenshots which illustrate the inquiry learning approach taken

Go to VIEW DEMO CASE STUDY to experience one entire case study, including the full video segment and discrete website with myriad online activities and games.

You can also view the CURRICULUM GUIDE to see the relevance of each case study to Australian Curriculum: History or view CASE STUDIES BY HISTORICAL ERA & RESOURCES to see the case studies listed in chronological order and to check the resources available for each case study.


*All units can be view on an iPad. However some units do contain a Flash interactive element which is not accessible on iPads. Those marked with the touch icon include new iPad / touch device friendly interactive elements that do no require Flash. Video and PDF content from each unit is accessible on iPads and desktops.