Case Studies

Everything you need to teach Australian history is now in once place and can be shared by all your students. You can put your textbooks away. All of your students can do the activities/lessons on their own computers or iPads.

Our case studies include myriad simple lessons/activities suitable for a variety of learning abilities. You simply need to introduce the lesson/activities to your students, encourage them to tackle the group or individual tasks and assess their progress. Your students will be stimulated by the variety of resources and activities including:

  • Video and Picture analysis
  • Map and Google exercises
  • Community research tasks
  • Song and poem interpretations
  • Crosswords and cloze exercises
  • List compilations
  • Matching images, events and consequences
  • History game
  • Sequencing and sorting photos
  • Creating timelines
  • Quizzes
  • Interviews
  • Reading graphs and charts
  • Decision-making
  • Using a database
  • Extension tasks

View our Curriculum Guide for curriculum relevance.

All Case Study major inquiry questions