Frequently Asked Questions

School Account Questions

How soon can we access the website?

If you select to pay by credit card, you will have instant access. If you wish to pay via direct transfer, your account will be activated once the funds have cleared accounts.

How do I log in?

Students and teachers can login using the one single login at the header of the website. Enter your school username and password or use the Quick login link provided on sign up.

You can also apply to enable quick IP Login.

NEW Schools that subscribed after November 2020 will have a separate teacher only login. The teacher login will allow you to access to manage your account details and access teacher specific resources. Teacher login is via the Teachers Dashboard.

We have an existing subscription. How do we change the new system?

We have introduced a new system for AHM subscriptions. The system allows for online payments if you wish to pay instantly but you can also still pay via an invoice. It also introduces teacher logins to allow teachers to have access to teacher specific information including account management.

To move over to the new system you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your existing account and visit the renew page.
  2. On the renew page you will be prompted to migrate to the new system.
  3. After migrating you will then need to take out a new subscription. We have simplified our options. Pick the option that best suits you. You can choose one or more subscriptions.
  4. Proceed to the checkout and complete your details. You will also create a new teacher logiin during the checkout process. This login is for teachers to access teacher only resources and control your account information. Choose your payment option and submit your order.
  5. After payment is processed your new account will become active. PLEASE NOTE the invoice process can take up to 10 days depending on when payment is made.

Can my students have separate accounts?

The Primary and Secondary website subscriptions only require a single whole school login. No individual students accounts are required for these subscriptions.

The new Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI) program requires a whole school account which then allows your students to create individual profiles under your school’s account.

What is IP Login?

IP login allows for your school’s network IP address to be saved to your account. Students can then login using the single-click quick IP login link without needing to remember usernames or passwords.

Please note: IP login is only available for logging in with your school account. It does not provide auto login for each CSI student profile.

How do I get IP address login?

To be eligible for quick IP login, your school must have a static IP address (a fixed IP address that doesn’t change). Speak to your schools Network Administrator for this information. Then email us your IP address to ahm@ryebuck.com.au to request IP login.

Do you have login widgets we can add to our schools website?

Yes. We have handy login widgets that you can add to your schools website to allow for one-click logins. To access these widgets, log into your account and visit the widgets page.

I’ve lost my username or password

Use the Username and Password retrieval form or contact Ryebuck Media on ryebuck@ryebuck.com.au

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2020: Our new system will allow teachers to change the student password. There is also a forgot password on the teachers dashboard if you need to reset your teacher password.

We have let our subscription lapse – what should we do?

Contact Ryebuck Media via email on ryebuck@ryebuck.com.au

We have multiple campuses – does this effect subscriptions?

Larger educational establishments such as Schools, TAFE Colleges, Universities and similar organisations made up of multiple schools, campuses and libraries are required to take out multiple subscriptions. Pay full price on the first and receive 20% off on every additional subscription.

I need technical support?

If you have technical enquiry please contact Ryebuck Media via email on ryebuck@ryebuck.com.au.

Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI) program related questions

I have an existing website subscription. How do I access the Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI) program?

All Primary, Secondary & P-12 schools  have automatic access the CSI Program. Simply visit get each student to visit www.australianhistorymysteries.info/csi/register.php to set up their individual profile logins.

Can I get a CSI only subscription?

If you are a Primary, Secondary or P-12 school you have automatic access. If you just want to use the CSI Program only  – you can subscribe for 1 class or the whole school. See the  single product options page for more details.

Do I need a school account for CSI student profile logins?

Yes. Your school needs to be subscribed to an account that includes the CSI program. Once your school has an eligible account you students can then create their own profile to log into. See subscriptions for eligibility. Visit CSI Help for further information.

Why does each student need a login for the CSI program?

The CSI program allows for your students to save their work and continue working on it from any computer at any time. For this to work, each student will need to create a profile which they can log into.

Once a student has a unique login for CSI they can login directly to CSI in the future.

Is there an easy way for teachers to view all their students profiles?

YES! We have a handy teachers admin page for CSI. This tool is only available for teachers so please email us from your school email to request the link.

Content Questions

What aspects of the Australian Curriculum do the case studies cover?

Australian History Mysteries covers Australian Curriculum – History topics from Year 1 to Year 10. Read the Curriculum Relevance Guide for more details.

Can the case studies interactive be used on an iPad?

The Primary and Secondary website can be view on iPads. However some of the Secondary interactives and Primary extension activities are built with Flash and are not available on iPad. See the primary and secondary case study list to see which units are iPad friendly.

We are currently in the process of updating Flash modules to new HTML based interactives, ready for 2021.

I need help with Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI) Program

We have a full set of FAQs and additional help information for the CSI program in CSI Help.

Does the video content work on iPads?

All of the case studies in the members area now work on iPads. When you login and go to a case study you will have the option to play videos on iPads and computers. You can view the videos full screen. You also have the option to download the videos.

What quality are the videos?

We recently updated our video to play through Vimeo to allow for adaptive streaming, which means that the playback quality is matched to the speed of your internet speed.

I can’t view the videos – what format are they?

Our videos are embedded using the Vimeo platform. If you cannot see the videos, please check with your IT department that www.vimeo.com is not blocked.

If vimeo is blocked, you can still view the videos by using the Download video button under each video. This will play the video in a new tab from where you can play the video or choose to download by saving the MP4.