Walking in the footsteps of the Condah Anzacs

PLEASE NOTE: This case study contains names, images and/or voices of deceased Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Walking in the Footsteps of the Condah Anzacs is a multimedia education resource to help middle secondary students explore the Year 9 in depth study — World War I (1914-1918)

Students investigate key aspects of World War I and the Australian experience of the war, including the nature and significance of the war in world and Australian history.

Each and every community in Australia was asked to contribute to the war effort and In this unit you will investigate how the tiny community of Condah in the western district of Victoria responded. You will then be able to use this knowledge, approach and structure to investigate the impact of World War 1 upon your own community and how this impact is commemorated today.

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Focus Questions

  • What was my community like when it went to war?
  • What were the experiences of the soldiers and nurses from my community who went to war?
  • Why did men from my community volunteer to fight?
  • Did any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from my community fight in the war?
  • How many men enlisted to fight overseas?
  • What were the occupations of these men before they went to war?
  • How did the local people help the war effort?
  • What was the impact of the war on my community?
  • How does my community continue to tell me about the war today?

Learning Activities

  1. Film: Walking In the Footsteps of the Condah Anzacs
  2. What do our communities tell us about their war? CONDAH CASE STUDY
  3. Your community case study
  4. War graves
  5. A digger In another land
  6. What does music tell us about the soldiers’ and communities’ experience of war?
  7. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Soldiers in WW 1

For Secondary Students

• World War I

Case Study Resources

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  • Worksheets (DOC)
  • High Quality Video

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