NEW Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI)

Primary & Secondary Program

Discover defining moments in Australian history through your own eyes and those of your ancestors.

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Primary & Secondary Game

Decision-maker game about people's experiences on the gold fields in the nineteenth century. Do you have what it takes to strike it rich on the goldfields?

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Who lived here first and how do we know?

Latest primary case study

Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for thousands of years. But how can we discover what their lives were really like before European settlement?

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How has Port Fairy changed?

From Aboriginal eel farming through whaling and sealing, agriculture and fishing – see how a little town has changed over time.

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What are the mysteries of Lake Mungo?

Come with me and investigate the ancient burial sites of Mungo Lady and Mungo Man and sift through the evidence of Ancient Australia.

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What does Springfield tell us about Australian colonial life?

What was life like in Australia in colonial times – from 1788 to 1901? Visit this property; make the decisions needed for the farm to succeed and for the nation to grow.

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Why did migrants come to Australia in the 1800s?

Who were the migrants who came to Australia in the 1800s? Learn about the Japanese pearl divers, German, Irish and English settlers, and the Chinese on the goldfields.

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Can you create the Australian nation?

It is 1900. You are a politician in Australia. What kind of nation and government would you create?

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Welcome to Australian History Mysteries two subscription-based websites containing inquiry learning case studies that are directly relevant to the Australian Curriculum: History at both primary and secondary levels.

Secondary Website

The Secondary Section of the website currently contains 18 case studies comprising a wealth of video, print and interactive content with more under development. The case studies are especially relevant to years 7 to 10 and adopt an inquiry learning approach that encourages historical skills development, including equipping students with the capacity to develop historical thinking and imagination.

Primary Website

The Primary Website focuses specifically on the Key Inquiry Questions in the Australian Curriculum: History Years 1 to 6, as well as providing Extension Case Studies that encourage students to investigate some of the mysteries in Australian History in greater depth.

Currently there are 18 Key Inquiry Units (iPad Optimised) and 14 Extension Case Studies with more in the pipeline! All Inquiry Units are scaffolded to help students achieve the required historical knowledge, understanding and skills.

Each unit comprises:

  • Video introduction
  • A variety of interactive modules to help students create time lines, analyse photos and paintings, read maps, interpret animations and songs, use Internet freeware, empathise with historical characters, play word games, undertake research tasks, use data bases and much more
  • Group activities
  • Assessment tasks
  • Media bank for students to use for their assignments.

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