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By subscribing to this website users will be able to access:

  • high quality videos (MP4 and Windows Media) for each case study which introduce the mystery, ‘visit the scene’ of the events and set out clearly the nature of the investigation
  • inquiry learning units of work in both pdf and iPad friendly formats for each case study containing photocopiable evidence and classroom activities
  • interactive modules in iPad friendly and Flash formats for a number of case studies designed to further explore aspects of these case studies in exciting, stimulating ways and offer a different learning experience for visual learners
  • STUDIES Magazine curriculum units (pdf) that are relevant to the respective history mysteries
  • a ‘What is History?’ introductory game (Flash) called Ghost Town which is designed to help students understand and weigh up the relative merits of historical evidence

Australian History Mysteries and Australian Curriculum: HASS/History

The Australian History Mysteries case studies are designed to stimulate students’ interest in and engagement with aspects of their history, landscape and heritage, and to develop the skills needed in pursuing historical studies. They are relevant to Australian Curriculum : HASS/History with its emphasis on inquiry learning and historical skills development.  Each case study contains a wide range of primary and secondary source evidence, including museum objects, national archival collections and historic sites.

View the Curriculum Guide and Curriculum Guidelines PDF for overviews of year level and specific Australian Curriculum: History suitability for each case study.

Flexible Subscription Options

Access to our resources are based on annual subscriptions. You can subscribe to the primary resources, secondary resources or the Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants program as standalone subscriptions or group them together. We offer a variety of subscription options based on the size of your school and also cater to home schools and student teachers. Find out more about subscriptions.

The Producers

Australian History Mysteries has been developed by the National Museum of Australia and Ryebuck Media Pty Ltd. Both organisations are committed to providing excellent resources that can help to bring history alive in the classroom.


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