New resources, non-Flash interactives and online activities

Posted June 2021

It’s been a busy year here at Australian History Mysteries. We’ve been working hard to add new units to cover more history topics for you and add value to your subscription. Our new units include:

We’re also updating existing units to change from their old Flash format into new modern formats that work across iPads and desktops. These popular newly updated units include:

  • Who discovered Australia?
  • What was the life of a female convict like?
  • Ghost Town
  • What are the mysteries of Lake Mungo?
  • Virtual Museum Tour – Johnny Mullagh Discovery Centre Harrow

There are more under construction too. Stay tuned to see these units be converted with new content and non-Flash interactives:

  • How have Indigenous rights changed?
  • What can a memorial tell us about frontier conflict?
  • Was ned Kelly a hero or villain?
  • Can you stop the rebellion at the Eureka Stockade?
  • Coniston Massacre – what happened at Coniston in 1928?
  • Why did the government lie about the bombing of Darwin?
  • Investigating mysteries of Australian plants and animals.