Who were the Australian commandos?

Who were the Australian commandos? When, why and where were they established? Investigate their role in significant events e.g. Battle of Timbered Knoll and Operation Jaywick.

Case Study Overview

Students are asked in Year 10 history to investigate one of the most significant episodes in Australia’s Second World War experience. A very different and exciting way to do this is to investigate the experiences of the Australian Commandos – their birth and secret training base at Tidal River and clandestine operations in the Pacific War such as Timbered Knoll and Operation Jaywick.

  • Unit 1: Double Diamond Video Worksheet
  • Unit 2: Exploring the History of Tidal River Wilsons Promontory Victoria
  • Unit 3: Putting training at Tidal River into action
  • Unit 4: The Battlefront – Heroes of Timor
  • Unit 5: The Battlefront – Timbered Knoll, New Guinea
  • Unit 6: The Battlefront – Kaiapit New Guinea
  • Unit 7: Behind Enemy Lines – Operation Jaywick
  • Unit 8: Names on a Memorial. What can they tell us?

For Secondary Students

• World War II

Case Study Resources

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  • Worksheets (DOC)
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  • Teacher’s Guide
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