Who was Robert Mactier?

Exploring a significant event and a person who made a great contribution to Australia

Case Study Overview

Many people have made great contributions to Australian society – explorers, artists, scientists, politicians, industrialists and ordinary men and women who were asked to serve their country in times of war.

This case study is about an ordinary man who did an extraordinary thing during World War 1. This man is remembered and honoured in both Australia and France. But why do we choose to remember significant events in the past and the people who took part in these events? And why do we do this on special days of the year like Anzac Day and Remembrance Day?

In this case study your tasks are to research the life of one man to find out:

  • who he was
  • why he enlisted to fight in a war 16000 km from home
  • where he fought
  • the nature of warfare,
  • and why he is still remembered today.

This unit of study is presented as a website which includes interactive elements, videos, PDF and worksheets (in Word Doc format). The unit is compatible with computers and iPads.

Case Study unit of work inquiry structure

  • Activity 1 Video worksheet
  • Activity 2 Diary evidence
  • Activity 3 Google search
  • Activity 4 Examining a town map
  • Activity 5 Robert Mactier summary sheet

For Primary & Secondary Students

• Australia as a Nation
• World War I

Case Study Resources

  • Interactive website
  • Print Resources (PDF)
  • Worksheets (DOC)
  • High Quality Video
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