Coniston Massacre — What happened at Coniston in 1928?

PLEASE NOTE: This case study contains names, images and/or voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Case Study Overview

In 1928 at least 31 and possibly more than one hundred Indigenous people were killed near Alice Springs after a local dingo trapper was found dead. A Government Inquiry found the killings were justified. Were they? How can such a terrible event have happened? Students investigate the evidence to try to establish the facts, and to understand the attitudes, values and clash of cultures that made these events possible.

Case Study unit of work inquiry structure (pdf)

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Activity 1: Understanding a key concept
    Understanding the main concept(s) raised in the case study
  • Activity 2: Visiting the scene of the events
    Looking at the video segment of this case study and answering questions about it
  • Activity 3: Examining key evidence
    Examining and interpreting evidence from the time
  • Activity 4: Representation and commemoration
    Analysing representations and commemorations and drawing conclusions

For Primary & Secondary Students

• Australia as a nation

• Rights and freedoms (1945 - present)

Case Study Resources

  • Teacher Guide
  • Print Resources (PDF)
  • Downloadable High Quality Video
  • STUDIES Magazine Unit
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