Snowy Hydro-Electric Scheme — A melting pot of different nations?

Case Study Overview

The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme is always presented as the beginnings of, and a triumph for, multiculturalism in Australia. If it was, how were former enemies able to work together apparently so successfully in a new community? How were tensions, even hatreds, overcome? Focusing on some specific case studies, students investigate a number of possible explanations and draw their own conclusions about the scheme.

Case Study unit of work inquiry structure (pdf)

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Activity 1: How do you solve this problem in the school?
    Understanding the main concept(s) raised in the case study
  • Activity 2: Background to the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme
    Exploring sources to understand the Scheme
  • Activity 3: Background to Australia’s post-war immigration policy
    Using background information and evidence to draw first impressions
  • Activity 4: Visiting the scene of the events
    Looking at the video segment of this case study and answering questions about it
  • Activity 5: Making a decision: why were the Snowy workers able to work together?
    Examining statistical data and testing ideas against evidence
  • Activity 6: The Snowy Scheme – a case of multiculturalism or assimilation?
    Categorising different sources of evidence
  • Activity 7: How might the National Museum of Australia represent this historical theme?
    Looking at existing interpretative objects and suggesting others that might tell more of the story

For Secondary Students

• Migration experiences (1945 - present)

Case Study Resources

  • Teacher Guide
  • Print Resources (PDF)
  • Downloadable High Quality Video
  • 5 x STUDIES Magazine Units
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