Ghost Town

‘What is History?’ game

Ghost Town introduces students to the process of inquiry learning in history. It models the scaffolding processes involved in completing a research project and helps students develop the skills of research, evidence analysis and problem solving, all skills required in the new Australian Curriculum: History course. View the Ghost Town Curriculum Guide for more details about its relevance to historical skills development. The full version is available in the subscription area of the site or as a separate product.

Ghost Town is an exciting interactive that may be used as an individual, group or whole class activity. Students explore five scenes in a ghost town and try to work out why this once thriving town died. Was it war, drought, flood an explosion or disease? What does the evidence tell us?

Ghost Town can be used as a preliminary exercise prior to undertaking any of the Australian History Mysteries case studies. Alternatively, teachers may want to consider using it as a fun decision maker exercise after a case study investigation as a means of reinforcing the steps of inquiry learning.

A preview of the game is included here. Access to the full game, including worksheets and instructions on how to use the game in the classroom, is available in the members’ subscription area of the website.