Australian History Mysteries now offers subscriptions to our Primary/Secondary resource websites and our NEW Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI) Program. Each subscription can be purchased independently or grouped together. Find out more about each subscription and our prices below.

Primary & Secondary Case Study Website Subscriptions

A subscription to the Australian History Mysteries website will give you access to our fantastic range of Primary and/or Secondary case study resources.

What your website case studies subscription includes:

Primary Website – iPad friendly

• Watch videos online
• Play interactives online
• Download resources as a PDF file
• Download activity sheets (Word Format)
• Download videos (mp4 format)
• Access to extension activities

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Secondary Website

• Watch videos online
• Play interactives online
• Download resources as a PDF file
• Download videos in Quicktime format
• Download interactives

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Additional Family History Resource

Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI) Program

  • Include with any primary or secondary subscription to Australian History Mysteries
  • Can be purchased as a stand-alone subscription

Convicts, Settlers and Immigrants (CSI) Program

CSI is a history tool that allows you to discover some defining moments (important events) in Australian history through your own eyes and those of your ancestors. Discover key events in Australian history as you uncover your heritage and add your ancestors’ and key family events to the interactive timeline. Each student can create their own profile, allowing them to save and share their ancestry timeline.

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Individual Case Studies

Who was Robert Mactier? is available with AHM Primary and Secondary subscriptions but can also be purchased as an individual subscription for all school levels. Individual case study subscriptions are for any school level and any number of students. It will give you access to the single unit via your school account.

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We have tailored our subscription packages to the size of your school. Choose the options that match your school to get a price and the option to subscribe online.

Special Offer to all History Teacher Association Members: please add a note to the 'special comments' box on the subscription page and will apply the discount on the tax invoice.

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Single year level subscriptions are valid for up to 30 students and give access to AHM case studies for that year level only. It also includes the CSI program and extension activities. Available at primary years only.

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Annual subscriptions to this website is based on your school type, size and which resources you are accessing. Please see subscribe for latest prices. An annual subscription gives your whole school or establishment access to the selected range of resources as outlined in your subscription type. Larger educational establishments such as Schools, TAFE Colleges, Universities and similar organisations made up of multiple schools, campuses and libraries are required to take out multiple subscriptions. Contact as for discount options on additional subscriptions.

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