What are the mysteries of Lake Mungo? Year 7

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The Mysteries of Lake Mungo is a fascinating Australian history mystery case study.

It is an online education resource for lower secondary students and is particularly relevant to Year 7 Australian Curriculum: History, “Investigating the ancient past”, enabling students to explore Ancient Australia through a range of rich resources using the discovery of Mungo Lady and Mungo Man as a case study.

Students ‘visit’ the World Heritage Willandra Lakes site, of which Lake Mungo is part, through a 25-minute film. They see both the environment, and the archaeological evidence that exists about life in that place in ancient times. They realise that the Lake Mungo of today is not the same as Lake Mungo in the past. And they are challenged to solve some of the mysteries of that past!

They now use a variety of worksheets to use evidence to work out their own answers to a series of questions or mysteries about what Lake Mungo was like 40,000 years ago, how people lived there in the past, how it became what it is today, and how we know what we know.

There is also a decision-maker interactive designed to get students to tackle some of the management issues facing the park today.

Through the evidence in the resources and the inquiry-based activities, students gain knowledge and understanding about the nature of ancient Australia, and develop the skills needed for them to explore aspects of ancient Aboriginal life.

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