Myths and Mysteries of the Crossing of the Blue Mountains – Year 9

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Myths and Mysteries of the Crossing of the Blue Mountains is is an online resource to help middle secondary students explore an aspect of Australia’s early colonial history — the crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1813.

It comprises:

  • A 20-minute ‘virtual visit’ film, taking students to important sites relevant to the mystery, outlining the key issues associated with the event, and presenting some of the evidence that they need to use to develop their own conclusions.
  • A 48-page set of practical and evidence-based activity pages
  • A decision-maker interactive activity, Would you be a good explorer?, that presents information and issues about the event through an alternative learning approach.

The resource follows an inquiry methodology.

  • The film or ‘virtual visit’ raises a number of questions (or mysteries) about the crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1813.
  • Students then use a variety of evidence and learning approaches to develop their own answers to these mysteries.
  • It enables students to gain knowledge and understanding of aspects of early Australian colonial history through a specific case study.
  • It helps develop students’ analytical skills, including the development of an empathetic appreciation of the people involved in the event.

It includes multiple perspectives on the event, including those of the local Indigenous people who, while not involved in the exploration of the Blue Mountains, had their lives and culture profoundly affected by developments that arose as a consequence of the crossing of the mountains.

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