Exploring the impact of a significant event – Gold and the Eureka Stockade

Case Study Overview

During the nineteenth century (the 1800s) gold was discovered in many places in Australia.

Gold was very important, and people rushed to the goldfields hoping to strike it rich.

Your tasks are to:

  • find on the map where gold was found in the different states (they were called colonies at that time)
  • work out when the gold was found.
  • answer some questions to see what you have found out about where and when gold was found in Australia
  • explore life on the goldfields, and
  • research the Eureka Stockade.

This unit of study is presented as a website which includes interactive elements, videos, PDF and worksheets (in Word Doc format). The unit is compatible with computers and iPads.

Case Study unit of work inquiry structure

  • Activity 1 Exploring significant events in history
  • Activity 2 Where was gold found?
  • Activity 3 When was gold discovered?
  • Activity 4 Which states produced the most gold?
  • Activity 5 What do you think the goldfields were like?
  • Activity 6 What was the Eureka Stockade?

For Primary Students

• The Australian Colonies

Case Study Resources

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  • Worksheets (DOC)
  • High Quality Video
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